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Backpack, magazine, iphone, and sunglasses laying on white bedding.

Hi, I'm Cathleen

I provide online tools to make your life a little easier, create a space to get sound advice, and provide support in reaching your online dreams (whatever it may be).

Cathleen Barnes, Wix web designer, headshot where she is smiling in blue shirt and jeans.

Who I Am.

I'm a digital marketing and ecommerce expert, entrepreneur, goal supporter, dog lover, do-it-yourselfer, and junk food fanatic with a "no frills" attitude...and A LOT of big dreams. As a multi-faceted individual, there isn't just one thing that makes ME. 

Ecommerce & Digital Professional

With 10 over years of experience in the digital and ecommerce industry, my expertise and knowledge can help guide you along the way. 

Goal Supporter

I love to see other individuals succeed in business and pursue their goals and dreams. Sometimes we doubt our capabilities and the potential we have. I want to encourage and support others so that they can do BIG things. Just getting started is the key. Don't put yourself in a box. You are multi-talented, capable, and people deserve to see that.  The path may not be straight or 100% clear and the first path you take may be what you consider to be a "failure" but it might be leading you to the "right" path. Trust in yourself. Listen to your intuition and have fun along the way. Trust me the journey will be worthwhile. 

Do-It Yourselfer

I get excited about anything regarding home projects. Whether it's pretending to be an interior designer, refinishing furniture, organizing, or gardening these simple things bring me happiness. The gratification of watching something change from where it started to when it's finished is an amazing process that makes me feel good. I have learned things along the way on my own, watched many great home-flipping shows (HGTV is amazing), and learned from the experience of loved ones. 


Attention to detail, organization, and time management are key strengths of mine. Everything comes down to planning, being mindful, and being intentional so things can run smoothly. 

Dog Lover

If anyone knows me, they know how much I love my dog, Jade. She is the light of my life and is the most snuggly, sweet, and kind dog you'll ever meet. She was rescued from a dumpster when she was a baby and has been living the life of a princess since. She enjoys anything involving food (especially ice cream), loves car rides especially when she goes to the "magic window", playing with her stuffed animals, barking at delivery trucks, going on long walks, and bathing in the sun. She hates getting baths, getting up early, when she has to stay home alone (she has FOMO), and having her feet touched.

Cathleen Barnes, web designer for interior designers and small businesses, in black jumpsuit laying on floor with feet crossed.
Cathleen Barnes taking picture with polaroid camera.


how are you, really




cookies and pizza


the notebook




goal digger


any dessert





Cathleen holding polaroid camera in lap wearing jeans and sitting cross legged.

Things You'd Find Out If You Interviewed Me

Cathleen Barnes sticking tongue out and eyes closed.
Cathleen barnes holding fingers up mimicing a phone call sign.

i'm a bit goofy

Cathleen Barnes with hand under chin making serious face.
Cathleen Barnes holding polaroid camera and smiling.
Cathleen Barnes taking picture on polaroid camera looking through lens.

a splash of serious

I have big dreams

3 Things I'd Like to Do In My Business (One Day)

Create a digital course 

Have a podcast or youtube channel

Create a community of supportive business owners that collaborate with each other.

favorite things and quotes


"Once you get started you'll start to SEE breakthroughs where you USED to see roadblocks"

Jenna Kutcher

"If you're waiting for someone to tell you you're good enough to chase your dreams, you're going to be waiting for the rest of your life."

Jenna Kutcher

Let's Make Your Business Stand Out

Let my web design, marketing, and branding tools be your businesses secret weapon

Computer, notebook, and glasses sitting on desk.

With my expertise, your website will become an eye-catching masterpiece that captivates visitors and keeps them coming back for more. But I don't stop there. My marketing strategies will skyrocket your online presence through clever tactics like email automation and social media magic. And let's not forget about branding! I'll help you create a unique identity that speaks volumes about your business. By teaming up with me, you'll have access to a powerful toolkit and strategies that will give your business that extra edge, setting you apart from the competition and making your customers fall head over heels for what you offer. Are you ready to make a lasting impact?

When it comes to how I do business with my customers, I always rely on these values






Woman standing with hands in pockets wearing watch.
Glasses, notebook, card holder sitting on desk at working space.

Here is How I can Serve You

This experience is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are establishing their online presence or  looking to update their existing website. You want a website for your business that has personality while being easy-to-use, but beyond that will provide you with a powerful tool to engage and convert your audience.

This experience is for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are in need of both a custom website and branding services. You either need your branding updated (logo, typography, and visual styling) to match the new direction in your business or you are just getting started and you don't have professional branding. If you are ready to elevate your business and are looking for your website and branding to have a cohesive look, this package is for you.

This experience is for the small business and entrepreneur who are looking for a cohesive and beautiful brand look. From custom logos, business cards, presentation decks, and flyers this package will provide you with a consistent brand presentation.

Done for you Services

Womans legs up in the air with black pants and heels.

Let's Create an Online Presence You LOVE

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