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Sometimes you have Questions that need some Answers

Before you spend money you often have questions and that is normal. Here is a list of common questions I receive. 

  • Do you offer custom website packages?
    Yes! I specialize in creating custom websites for clients who require a unique online presence that goes beyond standard templates. With a custom website, you can expect a comprehensive experience that includes personalized 1-on-1 consultation calls with me. During these calls, we will discuss your website's design, desired features, and strategies to make it visually appealing and functional for your specific needs. By investing in a custom website package, you will receive a complete solution that includes a professionally built website, customized functionality, training sessions, and more. These additional benefits are not available with my pre-designed website templates. I am committed to providing a tailored experience that ensures your website stands out and effectively represents your brand.
  • Why are the costs vastly different from a website template versus a custom website?
    Website templates are designed for individuals who prefer a DIY approach to website creation. They provide a pre-designed structure that can be customized with personal images and text. Website templates are suitable for those with design skills and who enjoy the website creation process. On the other hand, a custom website is a total package experience I offer to my clients. It is a collaborative approach where the client can relax and trust that an expert is taking care of the entire process. This ensures that on launch day, everything is ready to go and the website functions exactly as desired without the client having to worry about technical details or functionality.
  • How long does it take to create a custom website?
    The duration of custom website creation varies depending on the specific project requirements and complexity. On average, most projects are completed within a timeframe of 4-8 weeks. However, this may vary and is dependent on the scope and intricacies of the project.
  • What is included in the custom website process?
    My standard custom website design package includes the following features, which can be tailored to meet each client's specific needs: - A professionally designed Wix website with up to 6-8 pages - Implementation of a pop-up lightbox for capturing email leads - Basic website copywriting services - Selection of a cohesive color palette to align with your brand - Selection of suitable typography to enhance the website's visual appeal - Creation of a brand style guide for consistent branding across the website - Mobile optimization to ensure your website looks great on all devices - Basic SEO optimization to improve search engine rankings - Domain setup and transfer assistance for a seamless online presence - Detailed instructions on how to update and maintain your website In addition to the above, I offer personalized 1 on 1 meetings as needed, project milestone meetings for review and feedback, and comprehensive training sessions to ensure you are comfortable managing and updating your website.
  • How much does a custom website cost?
    My standard website design package costs $2,150. Included in this package: - Custom Wix website design spanning 6-8 pages - Pop-up lightbox feature for capturing emails - Basic website copywriting - Selection of a suitable color palette - Selection of typography that aligns with your brand - Brand style guide for consistent visual identity - Mobile optimization for seamless viewing on all devices - Basic SEO optimization to improve search engine visibility - Domain setup and transfer - Detailed instructions on how to update your website Please note that the pricing may vary based on additional pages and specific functions you wish to incorporate into your website.
  • Do you offer responsive designs for mobile devices?
    Yes, creating a responsive design that ensures optimal functionality and viewing experience on various screen sizes, including mobile phones, is an integral part of my custom website design process
  • Can I update the content on my custom website by myself?
    Absolutely! I believe in empowering my clients to understand how their website operates and enabling them to make small changes if they choose to do so. With every custom website I create, I provide an instruction manual that outlines the website's functionalities. Additionally, before we launch the website, we schedule training meetings to thoroughly go over all the specifics and address any questions you may have.
  • Do you offer website hosting services for custom websites?
    The custom websites I build are created using the Wix platform. Wix handles the hosting of the website, and depending on the specific needs and requirements of your site, there may be fees associated with it. On average, hosting fees with Wix range from $16 to $32 per month. These fees cover various features such as collaborators, email marketing, automations, and more. Once we have a clear understanding of your website's specifics, we can determine the best package option for your needs.
  • Can you help with domain registration or transfers?
    Yes, I can assist with both domain registrations and transfers. If you don't have a domain yet, I can recommend the best way to register one. If you already own a domain, I can guide you through the process of transferring it to the new website. I will ensure a seamless connection between the domain and your website before it is launched.
  • Do you provide training on how to manage and update my custom website?
    Absolutely! I believe it is essential for clients to understand how their website works and how to effectively utilize it. I offer training sessions to guide you through managing and updating your custom website.
  • Are there any ongoing costs after the initial website creation?
    While the initial website creation is a fixed cost, there may be ongoing costs for hosting, domain renewal, and any additional maintenance or support services you may require. These costs can be discussed and agreed upon during the initial consultation.
  • What is your process for gathering requirements and feedback during the website creation?
    During our consultation call, I will thoroughly understand your business and its unique requirements. Once the contracts are signed and the project commences, the website development process will begin. Throughout this process, regular check-in meetings will be scheduled to present the designs and gather your valuable feedback. Additionally, continuous communication via email will ensure transparency and provide timely updates at every step of the way. It's important to emphasize that your website is an extension of your business and brand. My primary goal is to create a website that truly represents your vision and leaves you feeling proud to showcase it. Ultimately, my aim is to deliver a website that achieves the desired results for your business.
  • Can you integrate third-party tools or plugins into my custom website?
    Yes, I can integrate various third-party tools and plugins to enhance the functionality of your custom website. Whether you need e-commerce features, booking systems, social media integrations, or other specific requirements, I can assist in finding and implementing the right solutions.
  • How can I get in touch with you about a website template?
    There are a few ways that you can get in touch with me if you are interested in a custom website for your business. Consulting Services Page Visit my Consulting Services page on my website and read through the offerings. Click the Book Consultation Call on the Consulting Services Page. Schedule your free consultation call with me. Contact Page Fill out the contact form on my Contact Page Choose the dropdown option "Custom Website Design" I'll be in touch shortly after your request is submitted. Email Directly Reach out to
  • What platform is this template for?
    The website templates are built and made to be used on WIX. They will not be compatible with other website platforms such as Shopify, Square Space, Show It, etc. If you are looking for specific help on another platform, please contact me.
  • Can I change the designs in the templates?
    Yes! The website templates are fully editable. You can change fonts, text, colors, images within each of the templates. A basic knowledge of WIX is required, but if you can drag and drop you can customize any of the templates to your needs. The goal of the designs are to provide pre-built designs that are easily editable without the heavy lifting that is needed with the creation of websites.
  • How can I see the design before I purchase it?
    Each website template product page has a link to the live demo link. You can view each template in desktop and mobile and see all the features available before you make your purchase.
  • What's included with my website template?
    Each web template design will come with a PDF of each of the pages included in the design, instruction sheet, fonts (if applicable), and desktop and mobile designs. Once the email address is provided for the WIX site transfer, you will receive the website design.
  • Do I have to buy fonts to use with the templates?
    No! You do not need to buy any fonts for these templates. Most of the fonts used are open-sourced fonts that are free for commercial use. Any font that is used that is not a free open-sourced font, I will provide the necessary files for you to use. All my fonts have been licensed for commercial use. Instructions will be provided to you if you have a font that is used on one of your templates that you will need. Any font that I provide must be used for personal use or you can reach out to find out where you can buy the commercial font license.
  • Do you provide the domains?
    I do not provide domains for the websites. You will need to purchase your domain from a site like Google Domains or GoDaddy. Once you have your domain, any of the web template designs can be transferred to that specific domain.
  • Do you host the website?
    No, I do not provide hosting for websites. All the templates are built with WIX and WIX does the hosting of your website.
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