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Kalissa Interior Designs

Interior design business

Kalissa Interior Designs' website was in need of a makeover. When we first collaborated, Kalissa was struggling to define her brand's message, design, and online presence. She wanted a website that resonated with her ideal audience, exuded luxury, and was easy to navigate. After purchasing a website template, she realized she needed guidance to bring everything together and align it with her brand.

Together, we created a cohesive online presence that accurately reflected her brand goals and services. The new website features luxurious design elements, engaging copy that speaks directly to her target audience, and SEO strategies that drive traffic and attract more clients.

As a result of our collaboration, Kalissa received a comprehensive brand kit that coordinates colors, fonts, and marketing materials. Her website now embodies the high-end aesthetic she desired, and her online presence has seen a significant increase in website traffic and email signups.

With her new website and brand, Kalissa is now free to focus on the aspects of her business she loves most, knowing that her online presence is working for her.


A Website That Is Uniquely Yours?

Let's get started on creating a website that works for you, attracts your ideal clients, and something you feel proud to show off.

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