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Entrepreneurship & Side Hustle: Expectations versus Reality

Updated: Jan 12


Have you ever come across those Instagram or Facebook posts where people share their real-life experiences alongside their picture-perfect moments? These posts are hilarious and relatable in highlighting the truth about social media - we often showcase only the good stuff and not the bad. The reality, however, is that entrepreneurship and starting your own business can be challenging and overwhelming.

Starting a business can certainly unleash your passion and creativity, but it can also be scary and make you doubt yourself. If you are in this situation, know that you are not alone.

If you are considering starting your own business or side-hustle, it's essential to remember your why. Think of the problem you want to solve, the people you want to help, and the lives you aim to improve (including your own). While entrepreneurship can be exciting, it can also involve plenty of learning, adjustments, and hard work.

There are some misconceptions about entrepreneurship and side-hustles that are often portrayed, such as that it won't take much time or effort to build a successful business. However, the reality is entirely different from this. Starting a business requires wearing multiple hats – from accounting and marketing to creating. It takes time to build a proper plan, test products, and curate user experience to avoid future issues. Results don't appear overnight, but putting in steady effort and consistency gradually pays off.

Misconceptions about Entrepreneurship and Side Hustling

  1. This won't take a ton of time. I can spend a few hours per week working on creating products and redesigning my site and it will all be good.

  2. I can put my work out there without a fully executed plan, and it will take off.

  3. I can make money fast, and the business will be profitable in no time.

  4. Lack of understanding on what the business entails and taking everything on yourself.

  5. Just get started and everything will fall into place.

  6. Everyone will love my products and business.

Realities of Entrepreneurship and Side Hustling

  1. Starting off on your own in entrepreneurship means taking on multiple hats from accounting, content creation, marketing, etc. and not all tasks may be enjoyable.

  2. Building out materials from creative to testing products and user experience takes a substantial amount of time to avoid potential obstacles down the road.

  3. Consistency and sustained effort are required to see any progress. Remember, results do not happen overnight, but over time will start paying dividends.

  4. Being an advocate for your business is vital. Taking the initiative to promote your business is critical to ensure your hard work pays off. It can be challenging, but it is necessary.

  5. It's crucial to try doing things organically at first. Saving money should be a priority, and only invest in tools that you consistently use and helps drive the business.

  6. Starting a business usually means taking no pay and working tirelessly to get things started, sometimes to have it fail.

  7. Having investors as part of your business can come with stringent obligations.

  8. Patience, diligence, and perseverance are key aspects required to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship can be worth the journey if you are open to it, but it's essential to understand that it also comes with its fair share of ups and downs. Trust the process and remember it takes time to get where you want to be. Sharing your experiences (both good and bad) can help you connect with others who have gone through the same journey. Trust yourself, stay positive, and keep hustling!

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