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My Business Journey & How I Got Started

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

How the journey started, the side-hustling adventure, and Jenna Kutcher's Inspiration


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Several years ago, I started my company as a consulting platform to help others needing some extra help with their ecommerce business get a little extra hand. While I enjoyed the projects that I took on and the help I was able to give those clients, life got in the way, and I didn't have time to focus or work on things.

The crazier life got and COVID in full swing, I didn't have the bandwidth or drive to focus on things and accept any work outside of my full-time job. Also, I wanted my weekends and evenings free of work.

book. coffee, and reading glasses

Then this past summer, I was on my way to vacation in California and was reading the book "How are you Really?" by Jenna Kutcher (she is amazing if you haven't heard of her). The way she was speaking to me in the book really opened my mind and eyes to some of the things that I have been longing for.

Jenna's story was inspiring to hear because she started a small photography business on the side of her corporate job and has now grown her business into a million-dollar endeavor helping inspire others and providing tools for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. She has pivoted time and time again in her career, which has always led her to a place that fits right within her life at that point in time. In particular, the way she started her journey resonated with me because she was able to take something that gave her inspiration, happiness, and fulfillment without having to give up her daily job. It made me believe that if someone else could take a side passion they enjoyed while maintaining their full-time job then why couldn't I?

What I love about Jenna is that she encourages other individuals to take that first step. She lets you know you do not need to know everything on day 1 and have a fully crafted plan for every day or month for the next 3, 5, or 10 years. It's ok to take some of it as you go and plan along the way.

Part of the adventure is not knowing! Sometimes the unexpected can be some of the best surprises. Additionally, the process can evolve over time. You don't need to have every little piece of marketing material or content created to get started but work towards some of that. Start small, be consistent, and show up for the people who are following or routing for you (even if it's just your mom - that is still someone!). Get started and take things as they come. You can have the greatest idea in the world, but if you don't put it out there, take a risk and gamble you will never know where it will end up.

While I am just getting started and have absolutely no clue where this will take me, I am proud of myself for trying, learning new things, and getting started with the journey. I encourage anyone that has an inkling to start something to trust their intuition. You may realize that it's something you really enjoy, and it sparks excitement and passion within you that you may have never known was missing. I took that chance and started to see my journey through, and I am so happy that I did.


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