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The Post I Have Been Waiting Months to Write About My Business

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

My website and Shop are Officially Launched


cathleen barnes consulting website - web design, branding, marketing services

I cannot believe I have finally gotten to the day where I can officially say my site redesign and shop of website templates and digital tools are launched. I am beyond excited to put my work out in the world and prove to myself that I was able to do this. This is just the beginning of my entrepreneurial and side hustle journey and I hope you continue to follow me and where I take my business.

Getting started

When I first started this side project, I had no idea where it was going or when I may even get to a place to feel comfortable releasing what I had been working on in my free time to the world. I wanted to find something that could make me excited, something that could be mine, and a way I could share my talents with the world (even if in a small way). As I continued to work and develop my site, ideas started to come that could help individuals and business owners with their everyday struggles.

I started to research the things that it would take to get my side business underway, the tools that could help me do this, how other businesses or individuals have approached getting started, and what they have learned along the way. I wanted to absorb anything I could to learn more and find out how others were able to do this. As I continued to look into other businesses, learned from their experiences, and used my own experience I continued to figure out ways that I could develop something that was uniquely mine.

I have worked in the digital space for many years, but not necessarily in the designing space. I have always loved design and being creative and this opportunity to combine the two has ignited my fire to continue to work on tools, websites, and anything digital.

A few goals of mine in developing designs were to:

  1. Help others who may be struggling to find time

  2. Offer products to those who don’t like the design process or the tediousness of designing

  3. Create effortless tools that have a consistent look and feel to get them noticed.

Working countless hours in the evenings after working my full-time job and spending my weekends plugging away at building designs, redesigning my website, and working on marketing materials everything started to come together.

Let me explain that i enjoy going to bed early (around 9pm) and when I was working on some of the designs in the evening hours I could not stop and would stay up to 11 o'clock or midnight to get just a little further ahead on things. Now, it is time to put this into the world and see where it goes. I am hoping that people like what I am doing and want to use my work, but there are also so many options and choices today and I understand that.

No matter if this becomes a success or failure, I have learned so many amazing things about myself and my business that this was an undertaking well worth it for me. This entire project has taught me so much, but most importantly it brought me joy and fulfillment in ways I haven't felt in a long time. It sounds really weird that work could bring you joy, but none of the work I have done on this ever felt like actual work and that is a good thing.

What can you find available?

I have a small set of website templates, Canva templates, and business cards and logos built to purchase. These template designs will continue to evolve over time with new designs and more offerings to come. Starting somewhere is key, but I realize there needs to be more. I will continue to create designs to hit a variety of business needs, but you can always reach out to me if you are looking for something custom to your business.

Additionally, my business has a consulting component as well for the digital space. My guidance and expertise working with marketplace accounts can help businesses navigate a space that is constantly changing and someone to give a helping hand with things you need help the most with.

What should you expect to come?

More designs and templates will continue to be developed. This includes websites, social media templates, business cards, flyers, and much more. Anything I can do to help other businesses or individuals find easy-to-use and beautifully created designs built with intention, I will continue to work on.

It may take me some time to build things out as I have time, but I will continue to stay consistent and find things that will resonate with those who are interested in working with me and purchasing my templates.

How to stay connected?

If you are interested in following what I develop from designs, resources, or you just want to see what I am up to you can engage in the following ways:

1. Sign up for my email list at

2. Follow my business on Instagram

3. Follow my business on Facebook

4. Follow by business on Pinterest

Thank you for your support and I look forward to this adventure, where it goes, and how it evolves.


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