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What Entrepreneurship Means to Me as a Small Business Owner

Updated: Jan 9


cathleen barnes web designer sitting on floor with computer and holding coffee mug

When I think of entrepreneurship, I think of people who are super driven, are visionaries, the best in their field, and their brains are constantly turning with their next big idea. As an entrepreneur myself (or side hustler as I’d term it), I check some of these boxes off. However, there are other aspects of entrepreneurship that I find are more important to me and why I started my journey down this path.

Passion and creativity. These are the two main reasons I have started my business as I don't always get a ton of creative outlets every day. Designing is something I find enjoyable. When I sit down to start working on a design, hours can pass and it doesn't seem like any time has passed at all. I can't wait to work on the next thing and figure out what I may want to work on. This is something that fills this void outside of my daily job. Don’t get me wrong, I like what I do in my corporate job, but sometimes I have to focus on the areas that don’t delve into being creative or coming up with ideas. Instead, it's focused on forecasting, going after new business, budgets, reporting, etc. and it's nice to have an outlet that lets me create something and watch it come to life. This spurred me to started focusing on my entrepreneurial journey because I was finding something I was passionate about. I couldn’t wait to start working on it in the evenings and on the weekends, and I was excited to see what this could become.

It takes a ton of time to work on a business especially when you are a solo entrepreneur. You have to be responsible for every component from creative design, marketing, accounting, etc. Even with all of this, here are the reasons why I find entrepreneurship meaningful.

  1. It's about the spark and fire that it creates within me.

  2. The why behind a project. Why am I doing this? Who am I doing this for?

  3. How can I help others solve a problem or make their life a little easier?

  4. Having something to call your own and watching it evolve over time.

  5. Using my knowledge and expertise to help someone else.

Entrepreneurship is more about fulfillment to me. It's about getting excited about what I am developing and the services I am offering. Can I help someone else who may not have the knowledge or is struggling to find the time in all the other things they need to do? It's about bringing hard work, dedication, and perseverance to the table and showing up and saying to myself that I can do this. It's about telling myself my skills and talents are good enough to make it as an entrepreneur whatever that looks like for me and my journey.

Additionally, entrepreneurship is a way to push me out of my comfort zone. Since there are many facets of running a business it's a way I can grow and evolve my skillset to understand as many aspects as possible within a business and to push myself to continue learning and honing my skills. When you are an entrepreneur, you not only know the creation, selling, and marketing portion of the business but you need to be in charge of the budgeting, reporting, invoicing, and customer service aspects of the business. It’s about doing the hard stuff along with the stuff you enjoy, but you are working towards an end goal that is your own.

Having something to call my own and watching it grow over time makes entrepreneurship meaningful to me, especially in the times when I was unsure. From the times I was unsure of when I'd even get close to the point of launching anything. When I thought I was drowning in the endless number of tasks on my checklist. Learning tools that I had no idea how to use at first. Or doing some of the menial tasks that I'd rather run 10 miles instead of doing (and I hate running!). At the end of the day, I can tell myself how proud I am sticking it through and having control over something that is mine and I built is a feeling that no one else can take away from me.


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