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How to Add Bookings Tool to Your Wix Website

Updated: Jan 11


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If you are a business that offers a service or appointments, integrating a booking system into your website is not just a choice; it's a strategic necessity. Streamlining the process of scheduling appointments or reservations online offers a multitude of benefits, not only for the business but also the clients. From enhancing accessibility to boosting efficiency, here's how you can add the Wix bookings tool to your website to take advantage of this feature on your Wix website

How to add the bookings tool to your website:

wix website bookings app
  1. Start in the Wix editor

  2. Go to Add Apps button

  3. Search Wix App market for bookings tool

  4. Choose the Wix Bookings tool

  5. Click "Install"

  6. Wix will automatically populate 4 pages on your site called the book online, service page, booking calendar, and booking form.

  7. Make sure to hide the book online page from your site while working on this application.

  8. When you added the app there is now a booking services bar in your dashboard.

Create a Bookings Page:

  1. Decide where your bookings page will reside in your website's navigation structure.

  2. Design the page - create a new page or edit an existing one as your bookings page. Add relevant information about your services, availability, and booking process. Include clear call-to-action buttons.

  3. Link to Booking System - Integrate the booking system widget

bookings page for cathleen barnes consulting's website

The integration of a booking system into your website isn't merely about modernizing your operations; it's about meeting the evolving needs and expectations of your audience. By providing a seamless, user-friendly way for clients to schedule appointments or make reservations, you're not just simplifying your workflow - you're fostering a more satisfying experience for your clients.

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