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How To Add Collaborators to Your Wix Website


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Are you looking to expand and share the workload of managing your Wix website with others? Well, you're in luck because today we're going to show you how to add collaborators to your Wix website, the different options available, and why having a collaborator can be beneficial for your site.

What is a Collaborator?

A collaborator is someone you invite to work on your Wix website with you. This could be a team member, a designer, a developer, or anyone else who needs access to help manage and build your site.

There are different options for collaborators on Wix, depending on the level of access you want to grant them:

  • Site Owner: This role has the highest level of access and control. The owner has full administrative rights, including the ability to edit the site, manage settings, and add or remove other collaborators. There can only be one site owner.

  • Admin: Admins have similar access to the site owner, including the ability to edit the site and manage settings. Admins can also add and remove other collaborators, but they do not have the ability to delete the site or transfer ownership.

  • Contributor: Contributors have limited access compared to admins. They can edit specific content on the site, such as blog posts or specific pages, but they cannot access all areas of the site or manage settings.

  • Content Manager: Content managers have access to editing and managing content on the website but do not have access to other site settings or administrative functions.

Reasons Why a Collaborator Can be Beneficial

Here are a few reasons why having a collaborator can be beneficial:

1. Shared workload: By adding a collaborator, you can divide the workload and have multiple people working together to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.

2. Specialized skills: If you need help with design, development, or content creation, adding a collaborator with specialized skills can enhance the overall quality of your website.

3. Streamlined communication: Having a collaborator on your site can help improve communication and efficiency in managing website updates and changes.

How to Add a Collaborator to Your Wix Website

Here's a quick guide to get you started:

1.      Log into your Wix account

2.      In the Wix Dashboard click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side

3.      Click the “Add Collaborators” button

screenshot of how to add collaborators to your wix website

4. Add the email address of the person whom you'd like to add as a collaborator to your website. Do so in the email section.

5. Select the role you would like the collaborator to have in your website. There are several options to choose from such as an Admin, Website Manager, Website Designer, Back Office Manager, Content Writer. There are also specific roles to choose from for CMS management, Billing, Marketing, Bookings, Sales, and Payments. Select the appropriate role for the individual needing access to your website.

screenshot of how to invite collaborator to website and the roles that can be set up for access

6. Send the invite. There will be an email notification sent to the individual that is being set up as the collaborator to access the site.

7. Once the invitee accepts, they will be able to access your website according to the permissions you've granted.

Adding a collaborator to your Wix website can help you streamline your website management process and improve the overall quality of your site. So why not consider inviting a collaborator to join you on your website journey?


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